Install error on WXP

I install on WXP + Tomcat6.0 + PHP5.2.5 + MySQL Srver5.1 + JavaSE DevKit6.3
following the JasperServer-Install-Guide.pdf

Tomcat is not able to start jasperserver.
I cannot find the .bat file to start it manually.

The following page is displayed:
HTTP Status 404 - /jasperserver/
type Status report
message /jasperserver/
description The requested resource (/jasperserver/) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/6.0.16

Here attached the Tomcat logs:
1) after starting Tomcat service
2) after trying to start jasperserver
3) Tomcat\conf

In addition, Tomcat un-war's jasperserver.war.
But the most is deleted (I do not know when. At shutdown?) and only WEB-INF remains.
[file size=28171]

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1 Answer:

The data source for the repository is not set up correctly. Look at section 5.9 in the install guide.

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