JasperETL - DBD Oracle and Time HiRes

Hi All - I've just started playing with JasperETL (on Windows xp, using perl). I installed ActivePerl 5.10 but then found out that in order to connect to Oracle I need 5.6.1 to get the DBD:Oracle that works. So, of course once I installed 5.6.1 I found out that version doesn't support Time::HiRes (but Oracle connection is working!)
If anyone has a solution for working around this problem I'd appreciate it (like if there's a way to avoid using Time Hi Res or a way to get Oracle connections working with 5.10)
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1 Answer:

From rbillery of Talend:
Hi RobinM78,

Have you tried Perl 5.8.8 : [url=http://www.activestate.com/store/download.aspx?prdGUID=81fbce82-6bd5-49b... … d58c2648ca ? This version works with DBD::Oracle and Time::HiRes. Perl 5.6.1 is deprecated.

Hope this helps.

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