Help needed in creating PDF report

I am trying to use Jasperreports to create a PDF report. There is no datasource and the entire report is created using the parameters.
I have lots of details in the report, including about 30 charts.
With a HTML type of report, when I give the pageheight to a huge number (16800 in this case) and give a single band of the same height, I am able to generate the report and view it.
But when it comes to PDF, it gives me a blank pdf even after I give isSplitAllowed="yes". What I would like to know is
a. is there a max height that can be given for PDF which is different from the HTML parameters.
b. Is there any way I can acheive what is possible in the HTML report.

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1 Answer:

If you use iReport there is an option in the Properties pane where you can select in When No Data -> All Sections no Detail.
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