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  1. Hi, What happens when the disk is full when the Jasper is trying to save the file to disk? I have this problem - it is not throwing JRException (as I expected that JRException will be thrown). Has anyone faced a similar problem? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks, Ramya
  2. Did you try to create the report in HTML? Did that work? Also, see if the pageheight, detail band,etc are ok in the JRXML file.
  3. Hi, I would like to know if complex datatypes are possible in JRXML, like String[]. If yes, how do we represent it? (A search is not giving me any example of how to use it. Thanks, Ramya
  4. Hi, I am trying to use Jasperreports to create a PDF report. There is no datasource and the entire report is created using the parameters. I have lots of details in the report, including about 30 charts. With a HTML type of report, when I give the pageheight to a huge number (16800 in this case) and give a single band of the same height, I am able to generate the report and view it. But when it comes to PDF, it gives me a blank pdf even after I give isSplitAllowed="yes". What I would like to know is a. is there a max height that can be given for PDF which is different from the HTML parameters. b. Is there any way I can acheive what is possible in the HTML report. Thanks, Ramya
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