problems displaying reportchart using JI

hello peoples,

I`ve noticed a problem using the jasperreports with JI.

I`ve built a report with several parameters like year, month, subsidiary. My reports contains several charts.
Report generaten takes a long time but this is another problem i have to solve. The problem now is that the charts are rendered as a image.My browser (mozilla firefox) noticed the charts as image and so the charts are not changing when I'm using the same report with different parameters. I'll have to use the reload butten after loading the report and after that the right charts are displayed. But this means that I`ll have to load the report 2 times and that is not user friendly.
Is there a way to solve this problems with JI / Jasperreports or are there ways to solve this by changing the browser settings?

hope someone can help me
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1 Answer:

This should be logged as a [url=

We will try to think of an convenient workaround in the meantime.

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