report on paper are not complet in w2k3 !

my configuration is: jasperreport 1.2.7, ireport 1.2.7 and jre 1.5.6.

When I print a report on my W2K machine what I see on the sreen by jasperview is correct and when I print on a paper is correct too.
But when i try the same operation on a W2K3 with the same application (copy/paste) ans same configuration, what I see is correct on jasperview but on paper, I don't have all. Some time, I have only the title, some time, half of my page is correct and after nothing, some time, first page is correct ans the second only 3 lines ans some time it's 1 page only 2 line and second page correct !?!?! :blink: :S :sick: :(

I try on w2k3 using local printer, direct network and network by print server, but same problem.

I need to run my application on W2K3 because all user are in W2k3 by citrix connection !

Could help me or give me some other test to find the problem !

Thanks ;)

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3 Answers:

I have the same situation, but my problem happens only when I print in landscape. Some pieces are not printed in some pages :S

OS: Windows 2003 SP1
terminal: citrix
Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.5.0_07-b03)

Anybody has more information about this problem?

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I have the similar situation with w2k3, on others work fine. But I have problems with printing only when I select the printer tray.
SP2 for w2k3 didnt help. Anybody found solution?
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In Java, when we print something, we are completely agnostic about the print environment where we are running. The code used to print reports in JasperReports does not have anything that is platform specific in it.
If there are printing problems in some environments, I don't think it would be JR to blame, if the same code works on other platforms, since there would be little to do in JR to change that.
So I think we are facing some sort of JVM bug related to deployments on Windows 2003. Maybe it would worth searching for a clue in Sun's bug database?

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