How to select proper band for chart

My Query returns some 1000 different rows using group by for different 1000 customer company about 99 pdf pages.

I want to show the pie chart for that distinct 1000 companies in one pages( first page) and the legend(color) for those 1000 companies in another pages
(2 to 3) ............then the datas in table format in another pages(4 to 99)
My chart showing in summary band :

which band i should select or How can i solve it.

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1 Answer:


The chart image cannot be split in two pages.
You'll probably have to remove the legend from the chart itself and simulate it using a subreport.
This means you have to use scriptlets to gather the chart data and maybe even force the colors of the chart or find some way to retrieve the legend data from within the JFreeChart component using a custom JRAbstractChartCustomizer implementation.

I hope this helps.
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