Performance on Unix

I am looking for some answers as to why locally (windows XP) JasperReports runs very well (creating a 450 page report in under 1 minute), but when running the same code on our unix development and test servers, the same code is taking over 4 minutes. I have added JAMon logging and it is showing it spending most of its time in JasperRunManager.runReportToPdf(). Anybody have any ideas as to why this would take so much longer on our test servers?
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2 Answers:


Unix/Linux systems are usually slower when it comes to Java graphics and AWT processing and JR relies on those.
Also, make sure you allow your JVM to use sufficient memory so that it does not spend too much time garbage collecting things.

I hope this helps.
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Even i have performance issues with running JR(1.2.5) in unix environment. Please suggest JVM memory settings for any improvement. Anything else i can do???

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