Feature Request: No page breaks

It would be very nice if, when exporting XML and HTML reports, we could pass a parameter so that the entire report would be considered one single page.

Trying to set the pageHeight to Integer.MAX_VALUE results in an array out of bounds exception. :)
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maybe if u check ignore pagination in report properties, the report that u expact will come.


andy susanto
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That is certainly helpfull, but I need to make a decision on whether or not to paginate at runtime. I could certainly pre-parse the xml file and add the tags for ignore pagination, but that would be a less than elegant way to go about this.

I still want to paginate PDFs, but not HTML or EXCEL files. This is the reason it needs to be done at runtime.

It would be nice if we could pass the parameter to the report, or even the JasperPrint, to tell it not to paginate.

I have looked, but haven't found anything. Maybe I just overlooked it, in which case I will be happy to hear that I did.

Thanks again,
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The "ignore pagination" flag can be set either at design time or at fill time (by using the JRParameter.IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION report parameter).

It cannot be set at export time since the filled report is already paginated.

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I notice that once upon a time the CSV exporter used to allow you to ignore pagination at the export stage. This is really when you want it, because when viewing a report you want pages, but when saving to CSV or XLS etc. you don't. It is from the viewer that you have a common place to do all these exports.

The answer will be to just rerun the report and fill it with the new option prior to export; but our viewer doesn't know about how the report was generated, rather it is just viewing it and allowing it to be exported. So our app. has many places where a report is triggered, but only one viewer. With this restriction, we would have to give the non-paginated option in the many places instead of the one place.


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