EJBQL Connection problem


I want to use an EJBQL connection as datasource for my report.

I fill the "Name" and "Persistance Unit Name" fields and I select from the listbox "EJBQL connection".

I've tried to set the CLASSPATH to my persistence.xml file with the export command from a console and I've tried to set it inside iReport too.

The error is always the same: No Persistence provider for EntityManager named XXX.

Where's the problem? What I need to make this thing work?


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3 Answers:

I create a topic about EJBQL connection tro try solve once for all our problem, take a look: [url=http://www.jasperforge.org/index.php?option=com_joomlaboard&Itemid=215&f... connection not working and no error messages
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fmcypriano, I can't access the link you posted, is it moved? if it is, do you mind to let me know your solution? I am with iReport 4.0.0. Thanks.
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Place the persistence.xml in meta-inf directory and jar the entity class along with "META_INF" folder.

place the jar in ireprot\\platform9\\lib folder.

restart the ireport, set class path to persistence jar files, and custom jar file.


Hope this helps.


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