Hyperlink with $F{foo}

By: Fadjar Tandabawaa - fadjar340
Hyperlink with $F{foo}
2006-05-31 05:16
Dear All,

I already tried the IReport and use the sample reports but I need to use the hyperlink with value from the field.
Is is possible??

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2 Answers:

I am facing the same issue , I need to pass in the value from a field to the hyperlink that I create on second field.


My report looks like

10 Dallas
20 California

Now when I click on 10 I need my hyperlink to look like

Similary when I click on 20

Please help
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The Hyperlink Referance Expression is a string. To pass a parameter you simple build the string.

"http://localhost:8080/reportMgmt?repid=1?param1=" + $P{myParameterValue}
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