iReport 1.2.1 -> Save Window Positions

By: Remo Fritzsche - remofritzsche
iReport 1.2.1 -> Save Window Positions
2006-04-10 02:22
Hi there

First of all- thanks a lot for the new features of iReport 1.2.1!

But now my question: Is there a way to save the Window-Positions (positions of the Element Browser, arrangement of the Object Properties Windows etc..).

It would be very useful for me when I don't have to reset all the positions at every startup.

Thank's a lot

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1 Answer:

Hi Guilio,

first: COOL new Forum! :woohoo:

second: I just upgraded from 1.2.2 to 1.2.6 (due the lack of sparetime :( )and I really like the new design - but of course the repositioning of all the frames is very annoying. :S

Would you please remember the size and position of iReport MainFrame and of all its child frames (element options etc).

Would be a dream! ;)

regards from sunny Germany
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