Documentation about JasperServer API

By: Antoine Rey - elryk
Documentation about JasperServer API
2006-06-16 10:10

I'm using JasperServer v0.9.2 and I need to generate a PDF report from my own Java application.
On the website, I didn't find any documentation about the web services API or the Java API. Is anybody have a kind of doc ? (even if it is uncompleted) or a JavaDoc with some example ?



By: T Kavanagh - tkavanagh
RE: Documentation about JasperServer API
2006-06-27 07:28
Hi Antoine,

Not sure exactly what you a trying to do, but it sounds like you should look at the JasperReports documentation on that web site (see source forge site).

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2 Answers:

Hi, I have been looking for some documentation for days now. I cannot find anything that is at all useful. IS there a step by step documentation or tutorial someplace??? Hibernate has good documentation but am not finding anything I use with this product. Am brand new so I need something to tell me how to make my html show up . Right now nothing is showing.
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Try it:
Is a web services guide.
I don´t know what are you looking for, but I hope this help ;)
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