Connecting -JasperServer & Oracle

By: spoorthi - spoo_anu
Connecting -JasperServer & Oracle
2006-06-22 21:28

Am shivaraj currently working for infosys,

presently am working on jasperserver....

my problem is simple

am trying to connect the jasper server to oracle databse ...

presently the jasper server system is using default MYSQL database for user-role management and for updation.

Now am trying for making the jasper server to completely interact with the Oracle database ...
For this i have made modification in

context.xml --------altered connection strings changed the dialect class

For am getting the following exception
SQL state
some oracle....error -----Invalid table name

Here the major problem is there is a table in mysql database called User used by the jasper server system.
This table cannot be created in oracle, becoz it is a reserved word in oracle.If i create alternate table i need to modify it in the jasper server product core functionality itself .... which might be a critical approach..

Also tell me how i can get the source code for jasper server ?

plz try to understand my problem specifically if possible try send the solution as early as possible....

with thanks and regards

By: M d ric RIBREUX - medspx
RE: Connecting -JasperServer & Oracle
2006-06-24 02:12
We gat exactly the same problem with postgreSQL. Actually, by using a table named "User", I was able to create a complete database but I've got the same error than you: jasperserver cannot run with such a named table...
But perhaps the new release will fix it !

By: Sherman Wood - sgwood
RE: Connecting -JasperServer & Oracle
2006-06-24 10:44

You can change the Hibernate mappings to deal with these DBMS specific naming issues. In 0.9.2, we used XDoclet to generate some of the mappings. In 1.0.0, which we are wrapping up now, the mapping files are not genrated and are in a separate JAR, so you can change everything for your particular DBMS.

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