Table columns autosize

By: Emilian Bold - emilianb
Table columns autosize
2004-05-20 00:49

I'm testing JasperReports for a report tool that we are supposed to develop.

I must say the JR seems to be a rather impressive piece of software. The only thing that I don't seem to find are some good tutorials,docs and samples.

Anyhow, we'll be using JR for a report with -basically - lots of columns that will be displayed in landscape.

My question is: does JR allow some sort of autoresize? That is, the width of the column is to be set to the maximum width of the cells contained. This could be done via some sort of function, etc. I'm just wondering if it is possible.

By: Mark Engstrom - me2kme
RE: Table columns autosize
2004-05-20 03:21

Have you looked at the examples in the demo/samples section of the jasper reports download.

I have done what you have stated but have to do some manipulation of the report design from with some java code using the jasperreports API. If this is of any use then I can send you the code as an example if you wish, although it is rather a lot of code.

Let me know.
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2 Answers:

may i know the name of the folder present in the demo/samples. is it stretch .if so then i dont think that its the solution
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I think the initial poster was talking about the samples in which we show how to create/modify report templates on the fly.
Those are /demo/samples/alterdesign and /demo/samples/noxmldesign samples.

I think you are looking for the second one, since modifying the column size is an operation with high impact over the report template and needs validation/compilation.

I hope this helps.
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