iReport 0.2.0 java preview released

By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78
iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-14 08:27
Padova (Italy) 14/06/2003 16.02

Welcome to iReport 2 (the code name for java version of iReport)

iReport is a powerful, intuitive and easy to use visual report builder/designer for JasperReports written in 100% pure java. This tool allows users to visually edit complex reports with charts, images, subreports,.... iReport is integrated with JFreeChart, one of the most diffused OpenSource chart library for java. The data to print can be retrieved through several ways including multiple JDBC connections, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML, etc...

This new release of iReport was totally rewrited. This is NOT a complete
release. This is only a preview. I'm working on the final release that will
be ready for the end of summer. I'll release frequently new updates, but
the way for the final release is still long...

iReport 0.2.0 is not an upgrade of iReport 0.1.0. iReport 0.1.0 remains for
now the current "stable" release. The VisualJ++ version of iReport will be
no more officially mantained or supported.

All docs available on could be outdated or
not directly applicable to iReport2.
The documentation is a big hole of iReport at this time. Be patient.
Tutorials and examples are welcome.

It's time for javing.

We have javized iReport. Now iReport is written in 100% pure java.


You can take a look to all new cool features that are in part already implemented
in iReport 2 (as charting, new compilation system with the output
that become clickable to shurtcut to the errors locations, the new interface with
the files tree, the new concept of project, the support for many new type
of datasource, etc...) You can experience how much are weight swing too...
Most of this new features are visible "as interface" but can be not yet implemented.
What you really can:
- create ad save reports (undo and copy and paste are not yet implemented).
- load existing reports and modify it
- compile reports
- run reports (using an JREmptyDatasource = don't using a datasource like JDBC)
You'll cannot see the report creator wizard. It'll arrive with the time.
I have not lost it.

- Sun JDK 1.4 or greater
- Ant (required if you want recompile sources)
- JasperReports 0.4.6 (*)
- SAX 2.0 XML Parser (Apache Xerces 1.3 or later recommended) (*)
- Jakarta Commons Digester Component (version 1.1 or later) (*)
- Jakarta Commons BeanUtils Component (version 1.1 or later) (*)
- Jakarta Commons Collections Component (version 1.0 or later) (*)
- Jakarta Commons Logging Component (version 1.0 or later) (*)
- JDBC 2.0 Driver (A MySql driver is already included) (*)
- iText - Free Java-PDF library by Bruno Lowagie and Paulo Soares (*)
- Jakarta POI (version 1.5.1 or later) (*)
- JFreeChart (version 0.9.8 or later) (*)

(*) a jar of this software is already included in this lib directory
of this distribution, so you have not to download it.

Extract the archive in a directory. Modify iReport.but or
for adjust your paths. Copy tools.jar from your JDK in the lib directory
of iReport (or simply add it to the CLASSPATH).
To start iReport using Ant:
ant iReport

To start iReport without Ant (for now only for Win32 users..., but it's
just a script...)
cd noAnt

If you want more TTF fonts, add your font directory to the classpath
(end restart iReport).

I have tested iReport on Win2000 and on Linux Mandrake with jdk 1.4.0_03
Thanks to try iReport.


By: Gregory A. Swarthout - gswarthout
RE: iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-14 09:47
This great news, Giulio!

Have you considered Jar-ing it up for us?


By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78
RE: iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-15 13:22
I must change some file direct access before jaring iReport...
Really you can just do it (jaring iReport) using the ant... but there is some problems on staring iReport from the jar.... I'll solve it.


By: Tullio Bettinazzi - tullio0106
RE: iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-17 00:24
Will the new ireport support Custom Data Sources ?

By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78
RE: iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-17 01:35

Sure. You have only to write the datasource and a "factory" class to instance (and if you need, fill) it.

The plan is to give to the user the ability to fill using iReport all the parameters map too, passing strings, datasources, numbers, images, the report generator.

This features will appeare at the end of july (I hope).
I'm thinking to a special datasource to retrieve data using Hibernate...

For now the priority is given to the basic features of the editor (cut and paste and undo are not yet availables!!!)


By: Boris Klug - bklug
2003-06-18 08:47

just downloaded the preview and started it - looks great! We only have Linux machines so this version is the first version I can look at.
Hope you will have the time to complete the 100% Java port soon.

Keep on coding!

By: David - jmanee
RE: iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-18 10:39
congratulations Giulio
is a excelent project.... it will help us a lot.


By: hitdemo - hitdemo
RE: iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-20 19:31
Does ireport0.2.0 only support export to pdf?
i choose export to html,but not work ,still to pdf.

By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78
RE: iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-21 03:37
I'll release a new version for the end of june.

Stay tuned. All kinds of exports will be availables.


By: Gary Ashley Jr. - garyashley
RE: iReport 0.2.0 java preview released
2003-06-24 13:06
This looks great. I am glad to see the use of Jakarta, etc. That provides great synergies with the core frameworks we use.

Now I'd love to see iReport 2 as an eclipse plugin ( You may be able to leverage a great deal of IDE specific features of that open source product, and enable you to concentrate on features. Just a thought.

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