Columns causing page break?

By: Adrian Jackson - iapetus
Columns causing page break?
2003-06-03 09:38
I've run into an interesting problem with a subreport. The subreport contains a simple two-column layout, and the data falls into two groups (let's call them UK sales and local sales). I've created a field 'region' to distinguish between the two, set up a group based on it, and told the group to start each new group in a new column. Which works fine.

Unfortunately what seems to happen is this also causes a page break after the second column, which breaks up the master report (which is supposed to be a one-page summary).

Anyone else encountered this problem, and any suggestions as to what I'm doing wrong or how to fix it?

By: Adrian Jackson - iapetus
RE: Columns causing page break?
2003-06-03 09:50
A little more research into the problem: the page break seems to be generated as soon as I enter anything into the second column, either by forcing a new column per group, or by allowing the data to spill naturally into the second column.

FWIW, when this subreport is the last item in the main report, the extra page is blank except for the page footer.

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Columns causing page break?
2003-06-03 23:11


In your subreport, try to suppress the summary section
by forcing the band level <printWhenExpression> like this:

<band height="0">

I hope this helps.

By: Adrian Jackson - iapetus
RE: Columns causing page break?
2003-06-04 01:33
Yes, that solves the problem - thanks.
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