Problem in adding images to a report

By: swami - shakai2k
Problem in adding images to a report
2002-11-13 20:50
I am trying to add a bunch of images dynamically, based upon blobs thats stored in my Oracle Database.

I created a DataSource that extends JRDataSource and the Object that it returns when it does a next is a java.awt.Image.

When i finally call the JasperRunManager to deliver the PDF File, the JasperRunManager takes a long time to return back the PDF File.

I did a profiling of whats going on and from the time my DataSource is called to the time my actually report is rendered, it takes nearly 20-25 seconds for the report to be rendered.

Can anyone please help me solve this delay in adding of images. Any help in solving this problem will be greatly appreciated.



By: swami - shakai2k
RE: Problem in adding images to a report
2002-11-14 10:46
The problem is not how to pass the image into the Jasper Reports, the problem is, its taking a very long time to add the images in the report, regardless of whether i pass it as a stream or an awt.Image.

Each Image takes roughly around 6 seconds to be added to the PDF report, is there anyway i can reduce this time....

Any ideas with regards to this will be greatly helpful, thanks a lot for your help..

By: Raj - rajs1
RE: Problem in adding images to a report
2002-11-14 12:33
this is what I do:


<field name="TxtImg" class=""/>


<band height="150">
<reportElement x="0" y="0" width="81" height="81"/>
<imageExpression class="">$F{TxtImg}</imageExpression>


its connects to an IBM d/b (I have also tried Interbase) and it displays within seconds on JasperViewer

By: Raj - rajs1
RE: Problem in adding images to a report
2002-11-14 10:11
Try getting the Inputstream from the blob (blob.getInputStream()) and send that to the report.

Works for me.


By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Problem in adding images to a report
2002-11-14 12:44


The default JRResultSetDataSource implementation
should be able to handle blob fields if you declare
a filed of class InputStream and use this input
stream object in the <imageExpresssion>.

However, I doubt that this will increase speed.
How many images are on the report?

Thank you,

By: swami - shakai2k
RE: Problem in adding images to a report
2002-11-14 15:14
Hi I have around 5-6 images in my blobs, let me tell you something else also, these are all tif images thats been stored, so i use JAI stuff to convert them from an Input Stream to an java.awt.Image (actually java.awt.image.BufferedImage). I pass these awt.Images into JasperReports.


In the JRImageLoader it seems you are creating a MediaTracker to add the actual images, it seems to be taking substantial amount of memory. Do we need to create a MediaTracker to handle this because iText takes a Image as an Object?

I may be wrong but I want to convey this also, since we are already passing an Instance of an Image Object in the DataSource I think it makes sense to handle this object into iText which will do the final rendering of the image.

Please refer to this link wherein i had posted comments on how I had converted TIF's into java.awt.Images?

Thanks a lot for your help guys.

Thank you

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