Jasper performance in long reports

By: John Pollard - johnnypoll
Jasper performance in long reports
2002-11-06 09:18
I have an 80 page report, 8 columns and 75 rows per page which is taking 40 seconds to run including data queries. The majority of the time, 32 seconds is taken in filling the report.

This is bearable, but when I have a 200 page report, the query and calculations still only take around 10 secounds but the filling process then takes well over a minute.

I have put timings within my JRDataSource and shown that for the 80 page report, processing time in this class (methods next() and getFieldValue()) accounts for less than two seconds out of the 32 used up during filling.

Removing one column from the detail reduces the time by around 4 seconds.

Is there any hope for getting improved performance for long reports?


By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Jasper performance in long reports
2002-11-06 13:24


Performance was always one of my main

I'm not sure there is something simple we can
do about it.

I promise I'll review this issue.
Any hints will be appreciated.

Thank you,

By: John Pollard - johnnypoll
RE: Jasper performance in long reports
2002-11-08 04:22
I'm very encouraged by your reply. I don't have any hints. I thought the use of strings to identify the column in every call to getFieldValue() might slow things down. But when I calculated how little time is actually spent in this method during the filling process I realised it is not significant.

I would be interested to know where most of the time is going but I haven't ever played with profiling tools. Anyone else good at this sort of thing? I've heard JProbe is quite useful.


By: Ricardo Trindade - rjst
RE: Jasper performance in long reports
2002-11-08 04:24
I've used JProfiler and it's very nice and simple to use, with a view to show critical paths.
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