ReportElement width in percentage?

By: Andrea Aime - aaime
ReportElement width in percentage?
2002-10-28 04:01
I would like to provide the width of a report element
as a percentage, for example say that the title
uses 100% and each of four fields 25%... since every
element is contained into a rectangle (being it the
sheet of paper, the band, the column, ...) it would
make sense and would be easier to work with
than points (at least to me). Is this possible?

By: Giulio Toffoli - gt78
RE: ReportElement width in percentage?
2002-10-28 08:09
If you use a visual designer as JasperDesigner or iReport (if you use a win32 platform), it's already easier to can drag and resize fields as you like....


By: Andrea Aime - aaime
RE: ReportElement width in percentage?
2002-10-28 09:03
JasperDesigner doesn't really work for me... and I use
both platforms (Windows and Linux), so I feel a little bit uneasy with single platform tools... but I give iReport a try,
thank you :-)
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