Word-wrap for staticText fields.

By: Nathan W. Phelps - nphelps
Word-wrap for staticText fields.
2002-10-03 10:28
I have a long sentence I need to put in a staticText element. Is there anyway to make a single staticText element word wrap?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Word-wrap for staticText fields.
2002-10-04 02:13


You simply put the long sentance in the static text
element and adjust yourself the height of this

It should perform the word wrap as expected.

If not (which I doubt), you can still use a text field
element with isStretchWithOverflow="true" and
a static expression that returns your long phrase.

Good luck!
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Solution 1:

Make setWrapText true as shown below

SimpleXlsxReportConfiguration xlsxReportConfiguration = new SimpleXlsxReportConfiguration();


Solution 2.

When you have long sentences, if you want  to break a word or it should come in a new line means PressShift+Enter(It will add \n\r)

Solution 3

In my case, it is not working in ms office .so I installed LibreOffice.

prakashk827 - 3 years 6 months ago

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