Newbie - Size conversion

By: Edward Tantri - etantri
Newbie - Size conversion
2002-09-22 09:14
Hi, I'm new to JR.

After running demos provided, one question still doesn't clear
to me. That is how is the size conversion works.

Eg, setWidth 595 is eq ... inch or point,
or if I set font height to 12, is the same as setting it to 12 points ?

Do we have somewhere table, so we can make a quick calc about
pagesize, font size, line width in real world metric calculation ?

Thank you very much

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Newbie - Size conversion
2002-09-26 07:27


JasperRerports uses the Java default resolution
of 72dots/inch.

So, width="595" means about 8.26 inches,
the width of an A4 paper.

Font size is in points.

Thank you,
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