Webwork JBoss and Classpath

By: Vipul M - manglikv
Webwork JBoss and Classpath
2002-09-08 22:14
We are using jasper reports with webwork. We are deploying the reports on JBoss.

Our reports are using external classes such as scriptlets, etc. When we access the reports we get a ClassNotFoundException. We are packaging these classes (scriptlets) in a war file that gets deployed to JBoss. The only way we can get this to work is if we put these scriptlets etc in JBoss classpath. But this solution is not ideal as we loose hot loading and also there are lots of other classes that we will need to put on classpath that are actually part of our war, ejb etc.

Can anyone tell where the classes referenced by reports need to be put, if we are deploying the reports on an app server?

Thanks a lot

By: Uniq - uniq_2002
RE: Webwork JBoss and Classpath
2002-09-09 18:52

i am use Jboss too for deploying the reports.
your class it can be put in WEB-INF directory:
WEB-INF\clasess\ .....

and i'll try to deploy until be *.ear
so in *.ear is include :
*.war, *.jar and META-INF(application.xml)

i hope it can be help u...:-)


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