Which class obj to use in writing layout xml?

By: Ade Panko - adepanko
Which class obj to use in writing layout xml?
2002-08-29 16:20
Hi fellow JR compatriots.

Teodor, you're doing a great job and greater service to the development community!! :--)

My situation calls for creating my report layout template XML without the GUI designer. Initially, I was going to write my own JDOM classes against the DTD to create the report XML file; however, after pouring through many JR classes, it seems to make more logical sense to use them in accomplishing these tasks since the classes for performing such are already in place and tested. Yes, no?

Basically, what need to do is create an instance of a class (sounds like JRReport.class - or possiby JasperDesign.class - is the right candidate), add my fields[] (addField(JRField field)), add my groups[] (addGroup(JRDesignGroup group)), etc. Once all my sets are complete, then, pass that object instance to JRXmlWriter.class (or XMLWriter.class) to write out to the report.xml. I'm more fuzzy at this intersection than the previous one.

I’m certain that there is a single (controller) class that contains instances of the other class objects I need which I could use to accomplish this task. If so, what is its name?

I would really appreciate confirmation, correction and any other comments regarding how best I could accomplish my objective.

Thanx in advance for any and all responses.

Ade Panko

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Which class obj to use in writing layout xml?
2002-08-30 00:04


Thank you very much for your appreciation
of my work.

I can only confirm that in order to create report
templates at runtime, without having to write the
XML file, you can use the classes found in
the "dori.jasper.engine.design" package.

As you said, you instantiate a JasperDesign object
and you add to it all the elements you need.
You can check the JasperDesign object for
consistency using the JRVerifier class, but this is
automatically done when you will try to compile it.

You don't have to generate the XML using the
JRXmlWriter, because you can call JRCompiler
directly on you JasperDesign object.

If you encouter problems, tell me, but I think now
is the moment for me to provide a sample for this.

Thank you,
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