Image types supported by Jasper

By: coco - nbekrar
Image types supported by Jasper
2002-07-10 01:47
what is images types suported by jasper?
i have a data base where i have bmp,jpg,cgm,tif,tiff multipages and RTFfields,
can i make reports with jasper for this kind of data?

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
RE: Image types supported by Jasper
2002-07-10 10:21


Generally speaking, JasperReports can handle
the image types supported by the JVM you are
using. You can allways be sure that GIF and JPG
images are supported.

More details about working with images in Java
you can find here:

You can use different third-party libraries that
allow you to load other image types and you
can pass to the report filling routines java.awt.Image

I hope this helps.
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