By: Bart Cassady - bartong
2002-05-23 14:30
In a response to Aaron Mohrman on "XML Output", dated 2002-02-26, you stated "[the XML generating feature] will make possible the use of FOP to generate other types of documents besides PDF."

Your XML output is not in XSL-FO format. Are you looking at doing that in the future, or do you expect that we will build XSLT files to do this ourselves?

Great product, BTW.

By: Teodor Danciu - teodord
2002-05-24 01:39


The present XML output format is specific to JasperReports.
It mirrors the internal structure of a generated report (JasperPrint object).

This type of XML output is useful for archiving
reports for example, instead of storing serialized

The JasperViewer also can load such XML files.
You can even modify an XML generated report if
you want to work on the final document.

So, this XML format is useful for JasperReports in general.

Now about the FOP XML format.
Yes, I plan to introduce another printer like JRPrinterXML,
called JRPrinterFOP, which will use the FOP XML syntax.

Since I'm not an FOP expert (I have only a general
idea about it), I would prefer letting someone with
some hands on experience with FOP to do it.

I'll be glad to integrate such code in JasperReports.

Thank you,

By: Bart Cassady - bartong
2002-05-24 08:09
Thanks for the info.

I'm not very familiar with XSL-FO right now, but I'm going to be using it in the next while. If I get familiar enough, I may give JRPrinterFOP (or should it be JRPrinterXMLFO ?) a try.

If others can provide this sooner, it would be very welcome.

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Hi guys , related to your post i want to generate .fo from jasperreport , and by this way it will be easy to convert it to any other format like pdf , xml , ps ...

Any one worked on it or can give me a starting point .

mannaii.amira - 6 years 2 weeks ago


I might have a similar problem: my input data is an XML file and in addition to that I've got an XSL-FO file with all the formattings...
Now I want to create a template in iReport --> can the XSL formattings be imported somehow or do I have to format all entries by hand...?!

Timbo2013 - 5 years 11 months ago

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