Roadmap & SVN

Hi guys!

What is the roadmap for JasperIntelligence? Do you plan a new release soon?

Also, how can I access the SVN? I tried

svn checkout jasperintelligence

but got this error:

svn: PROPFIND request failed on '/svnroot/jasperintelligence'
svn: PROPFIND of '/svnroot/jasperintelligence': 405 Method Not Allowed (


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1 Answer:


It looks like the roadmap go lost in the shuffle when we were moving content over to jasperforge. You can find the roadmap on the site. Look for the "roadmap" menu item.

Regarding svn, the 1.0.1 source is now up on svn on (on the jasperintelligence project area, look for the "source control" menu item.

Then, click one of the radio buttons to the left of the repository listing, then click the "view commits" button. This will give you details on what the svn checkout command should be.

I also finished updating the jasperintelligence-source-build-and-developer-guide.pdf to incorporate how to get this source from svn command line or tortoise plugin app.

There is a release due in early to mid september. A lot of the work will be around input controls (and enhancements to the analysis UI (ie OLAP UI)).
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