how to tweek report margins

I have a report where margin space is important(atleast top margin). This report has a subreport whose margin space is also important(This subreport is also used by itself. So I cannot eliminate its margins). The margin space of the parent and subreport are adding up creating more margin space for subreport.

1) Is there any way to tell not to use margins for a subreport ?

2) Is there a way to specify in the parent report itself, specific portions where margins should nto be used (i.e. around the place where I place the subreport) ?

I am using ireport for design.
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1 Answer:


It is not possible to ignore margins for subreports.
But maybe you could put the subreport into a dummy master report with only margins even when ran "independently".

Other possibility would be to rely on the OFFSET_X and OFFSET_Y parameters when exporting, to simulate margins for reports that do not have margins in the template.

I hope this helps.
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