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Hi everybody,
I hava a question about JasperReports and the management of metadata.
I couldn't figure out if JasperReports manages metadata somehow. Is there any metadata management within JasperReports? Does it store report metadata with the report?

I'd be really thankful about an answer because I'm trying to figure it out since quite a long time.

Thanks, Markus
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1 Answer:

Hi, Markus

I don't think we can talk about metadata in JasperReports.
Or maybe we need to define what metadata really is, in order to decide if we deal with metadata or not in JasperReports.
Are report templates metadata themselfs?

All I can say is that we do have metadata (or at least we call it this way) in JasperIntelligence.
Report units, data sources, input controls and all other types of resources that are stored in the repository, we call metadata. Maybe you can take a look at our JasperIntelligence product and see if it is what you are looking for.

I hope this helps.
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