How can I merge row cell with same values on a specific column?

Hello, I am  trying to use Spring Boot and Jasper Report, to create an excel file that has the following format.  I  would like to group by EMP_ID and merge the repeated values of that  column.

25 07/12/2021 1500 DESC 1
24/05/2022 2300 DESC 2
11/09/2022 500 DESC 3
40 24/05/2022 1800 TRAVEL EXP 1
62 24/02/2023 1500 BUY HARDWARE


The above table shows that I would like to merge EMP_ID with the same value. I have attached the .jrxml file

How can I do something like that?  I think it can be possibly done by  using sub-report, but I do not know the way. I crated the .jrxml report on Jaspersoft Studio and then I used Spring Boot to populate the report. 

I have seen this post: but I was unable to fix my issue because I am not very familiar with jasper reports.   

Thank you in advance!


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