JasperReport Export taking more than 15min.

Jasper Report on the Jasper Server/Studio taking long time to load

Exporting the report to Excel is taking more than 15 minutes.

Report design:

Simple report with Title,RunDate,Table in the Summaryband with 10 columns.

Data: 500k records and Report shows pages nearly 15k.

SQL Query in the database runs in 0.6 seconds

Could you please help? .

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1 Answer:

Performance issue can have many reasons.
Yes of course the time it takes to retrieve the data is a big factor but it can also depend on the JVM you use, the elements in the reports, the type of exporter, the browser you use or in some case the network. 
In this article we've listed a list of tools that will help troubleshooting performance issues: https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/performance-troubleshooting-tools
Maybe you can start with trying a different exporter and see if makes any difference.
Also you may check the HAR file when running the report on jasperserver so I can see where the time is spent through the browser developer tool.

What do you mean by 15k pages of Excel report. Is that 15k separate sheets?
Any chance you may share the jrxml here? I can test it on my side with dummy data.

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