Print or Preview in ireport 5.6.0

Hello I'm new to the community, I have a question, I'm using ireport 5.6 and I'm trying to print a clob-type document but within the parameters there are approximately 32000 characters and it gives me an error when printing,

try using this: $F{ yourFieldName}.getSubString( 1l, ( new Long( $F{yourFieldName}.length() ) ).intValue() )

but I haven't been able to print it either, not like this -> new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader($F{FIELD_NAME} )).readLine()

and neither is this one, which is the first one I've used: $F{FIELD}.getSubString( (long)1, (int)$F{FIELD}.length() ) 

none worked for me, any suggestions?

p.d:I'm looking to print something very long inside ireport, I've done it before but not like this


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I know, but I can't update either the language or the ireport, this is because the company where I work doesn't plan to do it, which seems somewhat ambiguous to me

However, I was investigating how to do what I asked for, but I concluded that it is impossible after doing so much research, unless they decide to update the software

Jblanco.crccoding - 2 months 2 weeks ago

1 Answer:

Are you new in using Jaspersoft community as well? I'm asking as I wonder why you use such an old version. The latest version of iReports is called Jaspersoft Studio version 6.20 and can be downloaded from
To help with your question I would need the stack trace. Also could you switch to Java as the expression language for the report? Java errors are generally more detailed and I believe iReports had Groovy as the default language.

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