Jaspertsoft List element repeats only the last element

I am using TIBCO Jaspersoft® Studio 6.19.0 - Visual Designer for JasperReports 6.19.0. I have a report with a list element and I am using JRBeanCollectionDataSource.

I put the list in a detail band, and when I pass a list of 3 different elements, it repeat 3 times, but it only the last element of the list which is displayed.

Here is my report : it is the first list with dataset name = vehicleList.

I have tried with a sub report and it is the same behavior.

Does someone sees what is not going well ?


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1 Answer:

This is a tricky one - I haven't used a JRBeanCollectionDataSource in a long time, but I would check this StackOverflow question as it has a good, detailed description of proper usage. Your jrxml is different - I would try the suggestion in this:


I wish I could be more help, but it's hard not seeing the full code you've written.

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