How to notify when PDF generated was opened / Como notificar quando o PDF gerado foi aberto

In English:
I need to implement something that I don't know if JasperReports allows.
I need to know when the customer opened the PDF file.
The idea would be that when the file is opened, a URL is triggered in the background without user intervention.
If this is possible, could someone help me by letting me know how?


Em portugues:

Preciso implementar coisa que não sei se o JasperReports permite.
Preciso saber quando o cliente abriu o arquivo PDF.
A idéia seria que quando o arquivo for aberto, uma URL seja acionada em segundo plano, sem a intervenção do usuário.
Se isto é possível,  alguém poderia me ajudar informando como?

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1 Answer:

This is a tough one. We do have audit capabilities which you possibly could utilize. If you enable auditing (be careful not to enable everything - be selective) for accessing a resource, this will write to audit tables. You could, in theory, write a trigger on the Jasper Database to check for entries on the audit tables that match your resource type (PDF) and the DB trigger could possibly perform the action you require. It's not straightforward, and you'll have to test for performance issues as the audit tables share the same DB as the rest of the Jasper Repo (until 8.x when we split the audit tables to their own DB). Good luck.

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