Records duplicates in table

Hello everyone.
I designed an invoice with Jasper iReport Designer 5.5.0. but every record it's duplicated several times like 18, 40 even 1000 times.

I'm using Microsoft Sql Server to get the data.

In the next table the unique record is repeat several times and I wonder why.

If someone know the issue, it would be so helpful for me.

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Please attached report JRXML file.
And Is duplicate data shown in your query? 

mahadiosb - 5 months 1 week ago

1 Answer:

The records displayed in a report is driven by the query.  I find that if duplicate records are being produced it is a result of a poorly formed query. 

I agree with mahadiosb that posting the jrxml (as well as the query) may help identify the issue.

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