Can a non Role Administrator access the Audit Domain and Reports

I am using the Professional Edition. An Administrator ( user with ROLE_ADMINISTRATOR ) can create reports based on the Audit Domain ok. I want non Administrators to also see the audits. Is this possible ? When I try to create a report using the audit domain with a non Administrator user I get a 

2022-12-14T08:29:51,333 ERROR SecureExceptionHandlerImpl,http-nio-8081-exec-9:125 - There was an error on the server. Try again or contact site administrators. (Error UID: 830857e7-6638-4bd6-a5d7-7f608c6040be) Access is denied's picture
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1 Answer:

The Access Denied exception is because the permissions assigned to the Audit Domain for ROLE_USER is "No Access". If you allow more permissions to this (eg Administer permission) as well as the data sources that the Audit Domain is built upon, then a non Admin user should be able create the Ad Hoc view off the Audit Domain. 

But as per page: Professional Editions do not have Audit Logging license, although I think this would generate a different error message or even if there is no error message then the feature wouldn't work. The "About TIBCO JasperReports Server" link dialog shows AUD feature code for Audit Logging feature and if you have this code then you have the enabled feature. 

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