Which is the right product to build reports and call them from a web app?

Hi. I need to build some reports and call them from a web application that's built with a tool called Oracle APEX. I am confused about the difference between jaspersoft studio,  JasperReports IO and jasper reports server. I am a hundred percent sure that jaspersoft studio is for designing reports but I think the same is for others! Are they all for designing reports?

What do I need to be able to call those designed reports?

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Hi Eyesmagicx,

I must clarify.

Jasper Studio "JS" is used to create reports with custom layout, simple or complex layout. This IDE generates a JRXML using the Jasperreports library, you cannot use it to launch reports from another app (only to "build" reports)

Jasperreports "JR" is a JAVA library with a free version, it is the report engine. (don't forget this) you can use it as a "plugin" library in your projects.

Jasperreports Server "JRS" is a web application (a frontend that allows you to easily deploy | use reports), it has a free and paid version.

You can use your reports directly in a java web app (that you create) directly using the "it's what @ does" library.
jgust, indicates it in his comment", or you can use JRS which already exists.

Regarding your confusion, JRS Professional and Enterprise allow the creation of Ad HOC reports (simple and very limited web reports), usually created by the end user (does not require a developer).

Important, everything mentioned uses the Jasperreport library (it is the report engine)


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It depends on the need of your project.

Jasper Studio: Designer (IDE, now even with web version)

Jasper report IO:
- It is a microservice,
- Repository in folders
- PDF, XLS, CSV, etc.
- Exclusive to generate documents | files
- It is possible to use an online viewer
- Can be used in containers (Docker | Kubernetes)
- Less expensive license

Jasper Report Server:
- WEB application (Use a web server)
- Repository in Database
- PDF, XLS, CSV...
- *Dashboards, Adhoc, Domains, Topics, etc.
-User | roles
- *More expensive license, depends on the edition (Reporting, Professional, Enterprise)

* Dashboards, Adhoc, Domains, are only accessible in Professional editions | business
* There is a Community version, very similar to the Reporting Edition (No payments | No official support, only community support)

Jasperreport IO & Jasperserver allow you to use reports in different ways.

- Rest API
- Visualize (JavaScript Library)
-Iframe (Embed)


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Everything @ecanaveras said above is correct.

Here is a link to the editions comparison: https://www.jaspersoft.com/editions


I will also like to add what my site does is use the Jasper Studio to build the report and then JasperReports Library behind a web interface to run the report.  We don't have a need for the end user to view the report online only to receive the PDF or CSV output. My setup is we have a front-end on JBOSS where the user can find and schedule a report.  That report is executed using JasperReports Library and then exported for the user to consume.

Here are the libraries we use to compile the reports using Ant during the build process:


I am not the developer for the front-end or report execution so I cannot speak to that code or what libraries are used.

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I am interested only in free for production editions. After surfing the web, I got to know that JasperReports IO is not free for production use, right?

Kindly, correct me if I am wrong...

1- JasperSoft Studio is used for designing reports. 

2- I need JasperReports Server to publish reports designed by JasperSoft Studio and be able to call them.


I am just confused between both because I read that JasperReports Server is used for designing reports as well, right? Then what is the difference? Why would I choose JasperReports Community edition over JasperSoft Studio community edition?

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Jaspersoft Studio = JSS

JasperReports engine/library = JRL

JapserReports Server = JRS

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Only the commercial edition of JasperReports Server (JRS) has the ad hoc feature which allows users to create an ad hoc view report directly in the JRS web flow Ad Hoc designer. Free community edition does not offer this feature.

The JRS commercial edition (AKA "professional" edition) has pro charts, dashboard, OLAP, multi-tenancy, and audit components that the open source community edition does not offer. 

The JRS pro installation package comes with the full feature of the product. Depending on the licensing contract (how much users are willing to pay), users can get either a Professional license or an Enterprise license to activate the multi-tenancy and audit features. The rest of the pro features are available to both types of the JRS pro licenses.

Hope this clarifies the issue.



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