ibcosoftware.jdbc.autorest.AutoRESTDriver cannot be found

Hi everyone! I am trying to connect my jaspersoft studio to a database through REST conection.

I am following the next tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-s-8_KbpQY with the steps:

1.- Create new data adapter.

2.- Select Database JDBC Conexion.

3.- JDBC Driver: tibcosoftware.jdbc.autorest.AutoRESTDriver

4.- JDBC Url: jdbc:tibcosoftware:autorest:AuthenticationMethod=None; config=[PATH_TO_MY_FILE_WITH_REST_URL]

I have being trying to download the TIautorest-6.jar file but i haven't being able to find it. This is the link to the TIBCO products: https://edelivery.tibco.com/storefront/aTozProductListing.ep?cID=200360

I dont know if the TIBCO Jaspersoft Connectors Software is depricated but is not listed anymore.

Plus I found this link: https://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-serve... which says that the tibcosoftware.jdbc.autorest.AutoRESTDriver is installed by default.

but I am getting a  java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: tibcosoftware.jdbc.autorest.AutoRESTDriver cannot be found by net.sf.jasperreports_6.19.1.final

when I test the connection (without jar file because i couldn't found it).

Does anyone know how to conect to database through REST?

or what am I doing wrong in my configuration.

Thanks in advance

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3 Answers:

"jasperreports-server-cp-8.0.0" is a package for the open source community edition which does not contain licensed components. You will need to get a JRS commercial edition (AKA enterprise/professional edition) to use this licensed "TIautorest-" through a product subscription. . 

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Depending on the version of JR Server, it should already come bundled in. The AutoRest driver looks like this "TIautorest-" and resides in the WEB-INF/lib directory. That is the version bundled in with the latest v8.0.0. Previous releases may have earlier versions of AutoRest driver. 

For JS Studio, do a search for TI*.jar and it should be there amongst the other drivers. (mine is in C:\Program Files\TIBCO\Jaspersoft Studio Professional-8.0.0\configuration\org.eclipse.osgi\41\0\.cp\lib)


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Hi vchiem , thanks for your so soon response.

In deed, I have the jasperreports-server-cp-8.0.0 version but I couldnt find the "TIautorest-"  neither in WEB-INF/lib directory nor anywhere. Do you know if it is possible to download this driver from the internet ??

Thanks in advance. 


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