Alert for Failed Mail Notification


When running a job through the jobs API, many times we are getting the report generated, added to the repository, but the mail notification is not sent.  Is there a way to be alerted when the report generates, but the mail notification fails?

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1 Answer:


There is the scheduler function that has mail notifications that can be configured for jobs that are successful or failed.

But if it has been set and there are no email notifications for any jobs then it is the SMTP server that needs to be investigated.

Set the mail.debug to true for further javamail debugging (under <property name="javaMailProperties">):

<prop key="mail.debug">true</prop>

in the applicationContext-report-scheduling.xml and this error is then logged to the console. 

The advisable approach is to find out why mail notifications are not being sent/received. But if you are asking for other forms of alert and not mail notification alerts (since it is not working) then there isn't.


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