Is it possible to group data in categories?


Hi, I'm new to Jaspersoft Studio. I'm using version 6.3.1. and would like to create a pricelist with articles from an SQL-View. Is it possible to have the report "grouped" into "categories". E.g.: "baby food" ... and then the "baby food-products". "Soft Drinks" ... then the "Soft Drinks-products". And so on. The categories are a field in the view attached to each article. If it is possible, what part in the manual is relevant, and where can I find infos, how to geht the categories and articles within those categories arranged in the desired order? My other question is: If I want to present "special offers" separately let's say before the actual pricelist, is this possible in the same report? And what part in the manual do I have to study for this? Thank you!


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If the product category is part of your input data, you can easily create a group.

You specify on what attribut data should be gathered. Make sure you sort the data by this attribute in you data request so there won't be multiple parts of the same group.

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