Where can I download the Community version 6.4 to do an upgrade?


We have a server running version 6.3, and I would like to update to the current versions, and in reading the documentation it says that I need to upgrade to ver 6.4 first before upgrading to the current versions. I've searched the website and web in general and I'm not finding any kind of links to the ver 6.4 community edition. 

Has anyone else found this, or how do you recommend I do the upgrade? 

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According to Jaspers documentation, I have to upgrade to ver 6.4 before I can continue on to version 7.x, my goal is to get to version 7.8, but need the old version to help me get there. 

smorstorf - 1 week 3 days ago

2 Answers:

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If you're running JasperReports Server 6.0 through 6.4.x:

  1. upgrade to the latest version of 7.1.x.
  2. upgrade from 7.1 to version 7.8

The steps for the upgrade to 6.3.x, 6.4.x, or 7.1.x are documented in the JasperServer Installation Guide for that release. Download the JasperReports Server WAR file distribution zip package for the release you want to get the relevant files and documentation. The Installation Guide is in the docs folder.

If you're running a JasperServer version earlier than 3.7, first upgrade to 3.7.0, then to 6.3.x, then to 7.8.

The two methods for installing JasperReports Server are:

  • Installing with the binary installer and bundled components:

The binary installer is an executable that puts all the components in place to run JasperReports Server. For example, if you take the default installation choices, you'll get the Apache Tomcat application server, the PostgreSQL database and Java execution environment.

But keep in mind that these components are specially configured to run a specific version of JasperReports Server. This applies to the Windows Start Menu items created to start and stop JasperReports Server.

  • Installing to Pre-existing components:

When installing a “Production” instance of JasperReports Server, you may want to install the main components before you install JasperReports Server. This way you have more control over updating and upgrading components like the application server, database, and Java.

Once you put these components in place, you have two options for installing JasperReports Server:

  • Use the  War file Zip Distribution:

You'll install JasperReports Server to the existing components using the js-install.bat scripts. You'll create a default_master.properties file that specifies the location of the application server and database components.

  • Use the Binary Installer:

The installer will prompt you for the location of the application server and database components.

If you intend to upgrade your Windows installation with future releases of JasperReports Server, we recommend installing to pre-existing components. This will reduce any post-upgrade confusion caused by the Windows Start Menu showing the older version of JasperReports Server.




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