How do you get the reports generated via Schedule

I'm new to JasperReports

I scheduled a few reports to run on a recurring schedule  and I have these questions

1. I notice that everytime the report is run it overwrites the report file from the previous run. Is there a way to keep the reports from every recurring run ?

2, Is there any way to get the reports generated by the schedule job via REST ?

Thank you

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1 Answer:


The first method I came up with is to add a timestamp to the file name.
In the schedule settings, 'Output Option' --> 'File Handling' --> 'Sequential File Names by Timestamp'.


I haven't tried it, but there seems to be a way.
--> Downloading File Resources


You can also change the output destination to something other than the repository as an alternative, although I'm not sure if this will meet your requirements.
In the schedule settings, select 'Output Option' --> 'Output Destination' --> 'Output To Host File System(*1)' or 'Output To FTP Server'.

*1. You need to change the settings in order to use it.
--> Restricting File System Output
  --> ...\WEB-INF\applicationContext.xml
     --> enableSaveToHostFS=true



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