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  1. I need to share a jasper report ( jxrml ) I wrote in Jasper Studio 6.19.1 with another user. How do I export my jxrml and send it to him so he can import back into his Jasper Studio
  2. Does Jasper work with EDB Postgres Advanced Server as the reporting database ? What would be the JDBC driver be for the EDB Postgres Advanced Server - org.postgressql.Driver ?
  3. I have a Cascading parameter. InputA and InputB which depends on the value of InputA. Using jaspersoft rest api how do you get the resulting values for InputB by passing the value from InputA ?
  4. I'm Having issues Getting the jrs-rest-java-client Jar manually In the introduction it says I can download jar file manually from http://jaspersoft.artifactoryonline.com/jaspersoft/repo/com/jaspersoft/jrs-rest-java-client/7.9.0/jrs-rest-java-client-7.9.0.jar I want the current release version which is 7.9.0 But when I try to download it I get an error stating The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request
  5. Are there any documentation, instructions or sample dockerfiles out there on how to deploy JasperReport Server Community Edition version 7.8 or above on Redhat Openshift ? I see this https://github.com/cetres/openshift-jrs for JRS 6.4.2 but I could not get it to create a pod successfully on Openshift. I get the error WARNING: ca-certificates.crt does not contain exactly one certificate or CRL: skipping wget: server returned error: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found I've also tried updating the dockerfile version JS_VERSION=7.8.0 Thanks
  6. I'm new to JasperReports I scheduled a few reports to run on a recurring schedule and I have these questions 1. I notice that everytime the report is run it overwrites the report file from the previous run. Is there a way to keep the reports from every recurring run ? 2, Is there any way to get the reports generated by the schedule job via REST ? Thank you
  7. I have a Jasper Report that has a complex SQL query but only returns one field Is it possible from my Java application to ask JasperReports to execute the report and return the query results as a Java collection using the REST API ?
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