Text in subrepport is not showing completely

hello i have a subreport that receive the id of a qwestion the subreport takes that id and shows the name of that id in a textfield, for some reason in the preview of the subreport works fine but when i try to preview it in the main report some of the names are not showing entirely

Here is the preview of my subreport

Here is the preview of my mainreport

Here is the view of my mainreport


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1 Answer:

First it seems that your SubReport has the wrong page format (full size letter/A4 ??) but when you use it within a "surrounding" main report, (as shown in your screenshot)  you can't use the full page width as the SubReportElement itself is just a part of the calling main report. So either shrink the SubReport width to the calling element width or enlarge the SubReport-Element width to full page-with of MainReport.

Second it seems that you forgot to pass the (query) parameter (ID?) and/or the ReportConnection for the query from MainReport to SubReport, isn't it?
That would explain, why your subreport returns values when is executed standalone but doesn't show values when executed from MainReport.
just check the SubReport-Parameter at the SubReport-Element in your MainReport.


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