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Hey, guys! I found a problem on ireport, I looked for the solution everywhere and I can't find it. I have a report where it stores the description of a document and a subreport where it stores the attached document (jpg, PDF, png). All pages have a header pattern: coat + name. When it is generated, it looks like this: Description of doc - report Attachment (1pag) - subreport In this format, the header on the pages is printed correctly, but it can happen that the attached document is a PDF that contains more than 1 page (I will use as an example a 3-page PDF), changing the format to: Description doc - report Attachment - subreport (page 1) Attachment - subreport (page 2) Attachment - subreport (page 3) And it is in this format that the error occurs, the header is sent to all pages, but the image of the coat of arms only appears up to the Annex - subreport (page 1), for the other pages there is an error icon in the coat's location, or that is, the coat of arms is only printed if the subreport contains only 1 page, when it has more than one, it is lost. Does anyone know the solution? I need it urgently !!!
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put  isSummaryWithPageHeaderAndFooter="true"  between  <jasperReport > like bellow

<jasperReport isSummaryWithPageHeaderAndFooter="true"> 

and always add subreport in summery section 

mahadiosb - 2 days 11 hours ago

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