Connection problems with Postgresql database


Gentlemen, I'm having problems connecting to the postgresql database, the existing connection test in jasper studio is showing that the connection is being successful, but when I run the report to execute my sql instructions and the data appears in the report nothing comes out! I am using a subreport that has another sql statement, when I execute only the subreport in the Preview option of the jasper soft studio, the sql statement is executed and shows the data correctly. But in the main report giving the preview, unfortunately no information is returned after executing the sql statement left in the main report, as I already said, I have no connection error I think the jasper soft studio has an internal bug regarding the connection to the postgresql database, in case anyone knows how to help me I really appreciate it! Great day for you, even more!

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1 Answer:

In the Dataset and Query dialog of the main report there is the "Data preview" tab. 
You can test whether data is feeding into this report by clicking on Read Fields and then Refresh Preview Data. If you can see data, then revise the design. Or perhaps start a blank report again and simply add one field to the detail band and see if the report previews with data. 

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