problems with summary band in jasperreport studio


Hi all 


I am using Jaspersoft Studio and connecting to a mysql database.

I have simple static text on a summary band which always prints before colunn footer band data

i have not a clue where to do this but apparently i need to set isSummaryNewPage="true"

I clicked on the summary band went to properties and st a miscallaneous property newpropert to isSummaryNewPage="true"

when running the report it compiles ok ... but it has no effect..... anyone tell me why not 


I have also looked to used lastpagefooter band ... but i see no band called that

how do i create it?






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What exactly you are trying to print in summary and what you trying to aceive by having the isSummaryNewPage="true" property ,so i can atleast help with any alternate solution

uday.jonna - 1 month 1 week ago

thanks for the reply....

it may seem pretty minor but i always like to finish my report with a text line

************ End of Report  ************

but although the summary band should be the vey last band printed it isnt ... its that colun footer...

im sure that must be a bug

george_17 - 1 month 1 week ago

Kate ... thank you VERY much ... my eyesight is not that good ... I managed to see the band grayed ou and added it ....


thank you

george_17 - 1 month 1 week ago

1 Answer:


Last Page Footer is the band type it sounds like you should be using. The Last Page Footer band is one of the bands that will be available under the outline. Open the outline, find the Last Page Footer listed underneath Page Footer, right click on Last Page Footer and select Add Band. 

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