Passing date parameters through URL

Hello everyone !

I have a report with dates parameters ( and I can't pass them as arguments by URL.

When I searched for a solution, I found that some people made it by passing dates with this format "yyyyMMddHHmmss", but when I try to do so, I haven't got the good date : 


Is there a way to pass a Date parameter by URL ? (not with a string parameter converted to a date inside the query)

Thanks in advance for your time !


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Finally I tried with the format YYYY-MM-DD as you mentionned danoldenkamp and it worked directly in the URL !


Thanks for your help !

iggythedog91 - 3 years 3 months ago

1 Answer:

Try making a second parameter from the first datetime but make the new parameter a string.

If you only need the date the simplest way is to format as YYYY-MM-DD

You should be able to pass that back into a Date.'s picture
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