Defining Different Data Source to Subreport

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I am trying to create a report from a JSON file with multiple subreports included (subreports are using different connections than the masterreport and also each other).  I can create the subreports properly individually but I can't create the master report (it is rendering the subreport but not getting the data, showing me nulls instead of the data). I guess I couldn't configure the dataSources' of the subreports, my question is how can I add the dataSource that points to a json file? (subreports' dataSource is different than the masterReport's dataSource)

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1 Answer:

You can specify a data adapter for an individual data set by setting the property on each data set.

For JasperReports Server, you would deploy each data adapter as a file, and set up the Report Unit as per  which still works in JasperReports Server 6.X and 7.X.

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