subreports don't work in Jasper server


I created a main report containing several sub reports in jaspersoft studio. the compilation of it works very well in jaspersoft studio but once published on the server, the main report does not work anymore.
its execution asks me parameters, I enter the values but I am told that the report is empty.
I have the following message: "the report is empty" while everything works well in jaspersoft studio. how to remedy this situation? how to publish a report how many sub reports?


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1 Answer:


Jaspersoft studio and server render differently. 

The report is empty could be a lot of things.  It could be that there is no data or that elements fall outside the range of the report.


My typical recommendation for report is empty:

1. create a variable.  Set the expression ""   (just two quotation marks.  This will return blank)

2. Create a new group from that variable

3. move your band elements (table or text onto the group band)

4. Set the report  property:  When no Data Type = All sections no detail


You may still get blank.

I would drag your parameters onto the band to see they are coming across correctly.

Are the parameters used in the dataset query?


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